Catani Gardens Grading Plan

Catani Garden Grading Plan

As part of our class, Shaping the Landscape, we took our Catani Garden 3D Rhino files and took them through a detailed grading plan process

Using Rhino’s great contour cutting function we were able to export a flatten contour (to 0.5m) plan of our models into AutoCAD. The next step was to use AutoCad to overlay the existing site contours the use crown lines to indicate where the changes to the landform occur.

After completing the site contour we moved on to cutting section and calculating cut and fill. Similarly to contours, Rhino allowed us to cut section every 20 metres along the landform. These section were export to AutoCAD.

The cut and fill of this first landscape studio project was a good lesson in the importance of “modest” landform manipulation. I calculated mine design would require 64,000+ cubic metres of fill! Great for a uni project but completely unrealistic in the real world.

I look forward to applying the lessons learnt for this exercise in future designs

Catani Gardens Grading Plan