Catarni Gardens Eyelevels

Catani Gardens Redesign Eyelevels

The Catani Gardens is located on the St Kilda foreshow just north of the main St Kilda beach area. In such a prime location this park is not used to it full potential. With a primary focus exploring landform a deep exploration of site context, programming and environmental analysis was undertaken before designing begun.

Eye level view from road

The design embraces the sites bay side context. Inspired by coastal sand dunes, the landform consists of small ridges and valleys spanning the site along the foreshore. Ridges become valleys and valleys become ridges along the length of the park. This provide the opportunity for a flat area through the middle of the park providing direct access to the beach.

View over constructed wetlands

At the northern end of Catani Gardens two valleys become long narrow constructed wetlands that clean water from the nearby stormwater outlet before entering the bay. This wetland system also references the coastal freshwater billabongs and ponds once present in the region.

Eye level of beach edge

Replacing the current road that divides the site from the water, the new landform interconnects with the beach creating and interactive environment for all levels of play. Timber work offers surfaces to explore while protecting the landform from excessive salt water intrusion.

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