Food Know How

Food Know How

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I was recently asked to design a website for Cultivating Community’s new food waste reduction project, Food Know How. With the help of PHP programmer, Andrew Edwards the website includes includes a project registration, participant portal and administration system. The system is designed to take the weight of project staff that would otherwise need to manually register and collect data from participants.

Stage one of the online system has now launched – Visit

A food waste reduction project for the City of Yarra

Food Know How is a food waste reduction program developed by Cultivating Community and our numerous partners. We want to help households, cafes and offices reduce their food waste and invest back into their food, well-being and community connections.

Food Know How aims to make people more conscious of the value in what they waste, how they can avoid waste and how it can be recycled back into the food-cycle. We believe our support and resources can empower participants to take control of their wood waste, becoming famous amongst friends for turning yesterday’s leftovers into delicious porridge flapjacks or a mixed-veg quiche. Participating residents will enjoy developing an approach to food that has saves them money and has numerous benefits – personal, community, business or otherwise.